Different Kinds of Locks

Johns Creek, GA is a beautiful place to live; however, it is still important to protect your home and/ or business with the latest locks. There are various different locks that one can choose from. Some examples include: padlocks, lever handle locks, deadbolt locks, smart locks, and knob locks. These types of locks are the most common and frequently need repairs and installations. In this article, you will learn about these basic locks by MJM Locksmith – a local locksmith company in Johns Creek, GA.
MJM Locksmith in Johns Creek

MJM Locksmith in Johns Creek


Did you know padlocks are the only type of lock that is not permanently attached to something else? These locks come in various different sizes and are very portable. Easily the most recognizable locks, open shackle padlocks mainly come in two varieties: keyed (use of a external key) and combination (user input combination on the lock itself). Usually, combination padlocks have one or more dials that opens the lock only when the correct combination is used.

Lever Handle Locks

These types of locks are commonly used for inner doors – especially in commercial offices and buildings. Lever handle locks are easier to open compared to Knob Locks because they have a push down handle compared to grasp and turn knob. When handicap accessibility is required – lever handle locks are used. There are ADA accessible lever handle locks and can even be changed between left and right handedness!
replacing door locks

Deadbolt Lock

Smart Locks

These locks are typically electromechanical and are locked/ unlocked via receiving instructions from an authorized device (i.e your phone) or key. Smart locks are found within smart homes – homes that have automation settings for lighting, temperature, and more. car lock Most smart locks are installed on mechanical locks (this includes simple locks and deadbolts). Today, people use smart locks with the readily available technology like iPhones and voice controlled systems. These locks offer ease of convenience never seen before and are starting to dominate the market as technology advances. It is recommended you hire a professional locksmith like MJM to help install these locks. Breaches are easily found if the initial setup goes wrong – which puts your entire property security at risk. If you’re in the Johns Creek area, MJM Locksmiths can get to you within 20 minutes!
MJM Locksmith services the Atlanta Metro Area and Johns Creek. If you happen to be in the area, let us know – we can get to you within 30 minutes or less.
car lock

Car lock

Knob Locks

Frequently installed in residential buildings, homes, and apartments – these are in many cases the primary source of security for doors. Because of how easily these types of locks can be broken off doors – MJM recommends that you do not install these locks on external doors. Knob locks can easily be broken using hammers, pliers, or a wrench behind the knob. However, because these locks are so commonly seen inside homes, they’re usually quite cheap.
Knob locks can bee seen on:
These are just some examples of locks that MJM can easily help repair or install. So, if you’re in need of lock repair, installation, or have any questions, feel free to contact us today! We are a local locksmith serving Johns Creek and nearby Atlanta Metropolitan Areas. Other types of locks out there include: Cam Locks, Rim/ Mortise Locks, Wall Mounted Locks, Furniture Locks, Vending/ T-Handle Locks, Jimmy Proof Deadbolts, Rim Latch Locks, Nightlatches, Multi-point locking systems, and Key in Knob (KIK) Cylinders. We hoped this article was able to able to answer some of your questions you may have had on different various locks, but we are always free to answer more questions you may have. Just call us at: (770) 799-8828, we are open 24/7 and will help you with any locksmith problems.
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