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Whether you own a home or business, security comes first. You may have complex and extensive security systems already set up in your building, but don’t forget or neglect simple door locks! These locks are often the most important and crucial parts of the overall security system. In this article, we hope to teach you when you should replace, repair, or upgrade your locks and security system.
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Various Locks

Top Reasons for Replacing Door Locks

Unlike other aspects of home maintenance that need regular updating, residential and commercial door locks depend on incidents. These incidents can be:
Residential locksmith services include:
Perhaps the top reason why you should replace your locks, it’s important you do this quickly if you live in a densely populated place – like a city. When you lose your keys you have no idea where they wind up, or who winds up with your keys. As a result, it’s a smart and safe decision if you decide to replace your door locks instead. The last thing you want is discovering a break-in into your home or office!
Lock Damage:
Although you don’t have to change locks every month or two like with HVAC systems, or service it every three months like your car, it’s important you check from time to time for any damages. Locks on external doors whether on commercial buildings or residential buildings are susceptible to weather damage. Even though locks are made out of metal and are usually heavy duty – they can still get damaged. When you notice any damage, it’s recommended by MJM Locksmiths you replace or repair the lock immediately before it’s too late.
You Moved:
Even though you receive the keys to the house/ apartment at closing – there is no telling how many spare copies of the key was made before and floating around. It’s a smart decision to replace the lock on the door and change it to another one. That way, you know for sure you’re the only one with access to your home or office. It’s better to be safe than sorry!
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New Door Lock Replacement

Replacing Locks for Maximum Security

Okay, so you’ve decided to replace locks in your home and/ or office building. However, should you hire a professional locksmith or just install the new lock yourself? It’s always recommended you look for professional help – like from MJM Locksmiths. This is because if anything were to happen in the future, we know exactly what is wrong and save time in the process.

For easy-to-install, simple door locks, you can probably find guides on how to install them either online, or in the packaging with the lock you bought. However, if you’re ever unsure, remember to contact a local locksmith like us, and don’t compromise your security!

Different lock systems require different strategies, steps, and techniques in replacing, repairing, or installing. For electronic lock systems – it is highly recommended you seek our help. We will not only make sure to quickly install the lock(s) quickly, but also keep you out of harm’s way. Our employees are highly trained experts who have worked in the locksmith field for years. Additionally, every employee is certified, licensed, and bonded. All employees go through additional extensive training when they join MJM Locksmiths.

If you’re located in Johns Creek, or the Atlanta Metro Area, contact us today! We provide 24/7 emergency same-day locksmith services!

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Our Residential Johns Creek Locksmith Services Include:
Our Commercial Johns Creek Locksmith Services Include:
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