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Lock On Knob
Lock On Knob

According to an official government estimate, the total number of housing units in Atlanta, GA adds up to nearly 236,000. That’s right, Atlanta is a densely populated area – making it a very animated and lively city. It’s not a surprise when homeowners need residential locksmith Atlanta services. Atlanta has more than 50 suburbs alone!


The Need of Residential Locksmiths in Atlanta

We can get locked out of our houses or apartments at any time. Mistakes happen – and we cannot avoid them all. When accidents like this happen, you can attempt to open the door yourself like you’ve seen in movies. Or, to save yourself time, contact a professional locksmith company right away – like MJM Locksmith.


Here at MJM Locksmith, we understand lock problems happen all the time – with no warnings. That’s why we’re open 24/7 – to serve our Atlanta community.


Our Professional Locksmith Services:

With years of experience – and the reputation to back it up, MJM Locksmith is committed to serving the people of Atlanta. In addition to providing residential locksmith Atlanta services, we also provide commercial locksmith services to help out business owners as well. Below are some of our defining features:


New Installed Lock Knob
New Installed Lock Knob

High Security Locks:

Official statistics of Atlanta showed that burglaries happen around 3,400 times a year.


It’s important that when repairing or installing new locks for your home and/ or business – the locks are installed properly. With our highly trained professionals – we not only double check and test out the locks for you, but also make sure you recieve high-quality locks. Our high security locks ensures you the security your home needs. No one, and nothing will be able to get through!


Additionally, we also can help install CCTV cameras, and other home security features. Contact us today for any residential locksmith Atlanta  services in your area.



24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Service:

As mentioned before – accidents happen, and oftentimes without warning. We are here 24/7 to help our valued customers. Therefore, even if you happened to be locked out of your home at 3am on a Monday night – contact us immediately. With our fast response times, we can get to you and change your lock before you even leave for work!

Our teams are always ready and on alert – waiting for your call.

Our Company is Dedicated to You

We are dedicated to your emergency locksmith residential needs. Open to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergency locksmith situations. As a company, we’re happy to make appointments available to you at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Rely on us for any of your home lock and key service needs. Our experienced technicians have many years of experience to keep you, your family and property safe from theft.

If you’re locked out or have any locksmith emergency concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us right away. We’ll be here ready to send someone out to your location! Services are offered 24/7 throughout the weekend including holidays. Our FAST response time can’t compete anywhere in Atlanta!


Why You Should Choose MJM Locksmith

Atlanta, GA is a vast city – and has suburbs spread out in all directions. There may be a lot of locksmith companies already out there – but just how many of them will take the time and dedication to properly secure your home or office? At MJM Locksmith – we love our work, and we love working with the Atlanta community. We make sure we meet our customer’s satisfaction every time we’re done with our work.


The residential locksmith Atlanta services we offer are very comprehensive – and cover everything you need – just ask us! We know how important homes are to people, so we make sure we do a good job securing yours and the thousands of others across Atlanta.


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So, if you are still looking for a reliable locksmith company to secure your home, office, or business property – look no further! Contact MJM Locksmith today at: (770) 799-8828


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